24.5" HP 25mx gaming monitor performance benchmarks

The brightness of HP 25mx is significantly better than other monitors. HP 25mx has a total input lag of 7 ms, which is excellent among the competition. For the extremely fast frame rates, the HP 25mx has a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz that allows smoother gameplay. In terms of pixel density, the HP 25mx has an excellent density of 89 pixels-per-inch, resulting in sharper text and picture quality. The minimum response rate of HP 25mx is 1 ms, which is eliminates ghosting effects. The HP 25mx has the Display Port and this is essential for NVIDIA cards to work with AMD FreeSync. The HP 25mx is a relatively new monitor. For the average response rate, the HP 25mx scores 4 ms, which ensures effective synchronization with the high refresh rate. With the AMD FreeSync support, this monitor is compatible with both AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. The monitor has a VESA mount. The monitor has an unimpressive contrast ratio of 1000 : 1. For graphics color quality, the HP 25mx has an average color depth of 6 -bit, resulting in dithered gradients and more slightly less accurate colors. Graphically demanding games may cause frame drops outside the adative refresh rate of 48 Hz. The monitor uses a TN panel which suffers from color shifting when viewed from horizontal and vertical angles and has slightly washed colors compared to IPS and VA panels.

 24.5" HP 25mx gaming monitor performance benchmarks
Brand HP
Year 2018
Model 25mx
Size 24.5"
Minimum Refresh Rate 48Hz
Maximum Refresh Rate 144Hz
AMD FreeSync Yes
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080
Panel Type TN
Pixel Density 89 ppi
Minimum Response Time 1ms
Average Response Time 4ms
Total Response + Input Lag 7ms
Maximum Brightness 400 cd/m^2
Price $ 244.0
VESA Mount Yes
Native Color Depth 6 bit
Static Contrast Ratio 1000 : 1
Display Port Yes
Overall Combination Score 77.5/100 Very Good


24.5" HP 25mx 3D


24.5" HP 25mx Accessories

AccessoriesHDMI cable

24.5" HP 25mx Additional features

Additional featuresSecurity lock slot

24.5" HP 25mx Brand, series, model

Model alias4JF31AA

24.5" HP 25mx Camera


24.5" HP 25mx Certificates, standards and licenses


24.5" HP 25mx Connectivity

Connectivity1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 1 x 3.5 mm Audio Out

24.5" HP 25mx Dimensions, weight and color

Depth55 mm (millimeters) 5.5 cm (centimeters) 2.1654 in (inches) 0.1804 ft (feet)
Depth with stand206.4 mm (millimeters) 20.64 cm (centimeters) 8.126 in (inches) 0.6772 ft (feet)
Height341.2 mm (millimeters) 34.12 cm (centimeters) 13.4331 in (inches) 1.1194 ft (feet)
Height with stand492.6 mm (millimeters) 49.26 cm (centimeters) 19.3937 in (inches) 1.6161 ft (feet)
Weight with stand5.72 kg (kilograms) 12.61 lbs (pounds)
Width557.3 mm (millimeters) 55.73 cm (centimeters) 21.9409 in (inches) 1.8284 ft (feet)
Width with stand557.3 mm (millimeters) 55.73 cm (centimeters) 21.9409 in (inches) 1.8284 ft (feet)

24.5" HP 25mx Display

Aspect ratio1.778:116:9
Brightness400 cd/m² (candela per square meter)
Colors16777216 colors 24 bits
Diagonal622.3 mm (millimeters) 62.23 cm (centimeters) 24.5 in (inches) 2.0417 ft (feet)
Display area86.53 % (percent)
Dynamic contrast12000000 : 1
Height302.616 mm (millimeters) 30.2616 cm (centimeters) 11.914 in (inches) 0.9928 ft (feet)
Horizontal viewing angle170 ° (degrees)
Minimum response time1 ms (milliseconds) 0.0010 s (seconds)
NTSC (1953)72 % (percent)
Panel bit depth8 bits (6 bits + FRC)
Panel manufacturerAU Optronics
Panel typeTN
Pixel density89 ppi (pixels per inch) 35 ppcm (pixels per centimeter)
Pixel pitch0.283 mm (millimeters) 0.0283 cm (centimeters) 0.0111 in (inches) 0.0009 ft (feet)
Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD / 1080p
Size class24.5 in (inches)
Static contrast1000 : 1
Vertical viewing angle160 ° (degrees)
Width543.744 mm (millimeters) 54.3744 cm (centimeters) 21.4072 in (inches) 1.7839 ft (feet)

24.5" HP 25mx Ergonomics

Backward tilt20 ° (degrees)
Forward tilt4 ° (degrees)
Forward/backward tiltYes
Height adjustmentYes
Height adjustment range100 mm (millimeters) 10 cm (centimeters) 3.937 in (inches) 0.3281 ft (feet)
Landscape/portrait pivotYes
Left pivot0 ° (degrees)
Left swivel180 ° (degrees)
Left/right swivelYes
Removable standYes
Right pivot90 ° (degrees)
Right swivel180 ° (degrees)
VESA interface100 x 100 mm
VESA mountYes

24.5" HP 25mx Features

FeaturesAMD FreeSync technology, Flicker-free technology, HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) Low Blue Light

24.5" HP 25mx Frequencies

Horizontal frequency (digital)30 kHz - 167 kHz (kilohertz)
Vertical frequency (digital)48 Hz - 144 Hz (hertz)

24.5" HP 25mx Operating and storage conditions

Operating altitude5000 m (meters) 16404.2 ft (feet)
Operating humidity20 % - 80 % (percent)
Operating temperature5 °C - 35 °C (degrees Celsius) 41 °F - 95 °F (degrees Fahrenheit)
Storage altitude12192 m (meters) 40000 ft (feet)
Storage humidity5 % - 95 % (percent)
Storage temperature-20 °C - 60 °C (degrees Celsius) -4 °F - 140 °F (degrees Fahrenheit)

24.5" HP 25mx Power supply and consumption

110V100 V - 120 V (volts)
220V220 V - 240 V (volts)
Alternating current frequency50 Hz - 60 Hz (hertz)
Energy efficiency classA
Power consumption (average)24 W (watts)
Power consumption (maximum)32 W (watts)
Power consumption (off)0.2 W (watts)
Power consumption (sleep)0.34 W (watts)

24.5" HP 25mx gaming monitor performance benchmarks - List of Max Refresh Rate Compatible GPUs

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